Don’t Panik! Face Mask for Kids
Don’t Panik! Face Mask for Kids

Don’t Panik! Face Mask for Kids

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DUE TO EXTREME DEMAND && Increase of plastic Waste in our communities! 

We are introducing Dont Panik! For the Children! Our eco-friendly & charitable 100% Cotton Reversible face Masks, we have fabric straps so you can tie to your desired fit. These are all HANDMADE in Woosta,MA by a group of local ladies and their kiddos to help those in order to help our community that cannot protect themselves. 

Due to the dire need of face masks and hand sanitizers for our homeless community we are not going to take pictures of prints and patterns please select from 3 categories of style.

  1. Princess
  2. Prince 
  3. MA’M YOU BETTA BACK AWAY FROM MY CHILD (idc what color mask my kid wears no gender norms!!!)

When you purchase these mask I am giving away TWO matching mask to the children in our homeless community, and at risk to be homeless thanks to your purchase! Please feel free to share with friends and family if they would like to purchase and donate both masks and even more resources just add “DONATION” at check out. 

K Sense is a very small start up and we are making these free resources available only with your help Please feel free to share!