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Who doesn’t love self-care routines? Lately my self-care routine since quarantine started consisting of taking care of myself every day. Now when you hear about "self-care routine" it's typically done on Sundays; easy enough to take the day for yourself.

Self-care during this time is so important, so every day you should be taking a few minutes to care for yourself. The way you feel physically and mentally during a time like this where everything is uncertain is more important than ever before. Here's how I do self-care in my home

Morning Routine

Everyone typically has their own routine or maybe, no routine at all, and that is totally fine. For me personally, I am all about routine and having a schedule is important even during this time. Part of my self-care is going to bed at a time where I know I will be able to get up the next morning at a decent hour. In my mornings I like to incorporate prayer and meditation, now this is something that works for me. I know meditation sounds difficult but it's not with some practice. Sometimes just start off with 5 minutes alone with your eyes closed and keeping your mind quiet can make a difference in your mood and overall day. Benefits of mediation are hereif you are interested in reading up more about it. Something that I picked up a couple months ago is I started to journal daily, I personally like to journal in the morning. Writing down my thoughts and what I am feeling can really help. It's like a therapy session, done in the comfort of your home. Part of my morning or even daily routine is a quick yoga session. Moving the body through a yoga flow for just 20 minutes can improve how you feel and change your mood! Breathing intentionally can help during this period where we are all very stressed. Interested in reading up on it, check out more here

Body Care

When we think about self-care, I like to also associate that with the way you look. Now looks are not everything, but in order to feel good on the inside you want to feel good on the outside as well. During this time at home I will be honest most of the time I have spent it in leggings and a t-shirt. There have been some days where I have put on a little bit of makeup and a pair of cute earrings. Now for me earrings are a must. If your interested K Sense sells beautiful handcrafted crystal jewelry by a Worcester Woman named Alex aka AV Art Jewelry check out her collection here and follow her along her journey on instagram! 

Now who doesn’t love a good body scrub? Let me tell y'all I sure do! Since we're at home why not make your own? Instead of running to the store and spending 10 dollars on one make it yourself. I grabbed a mason jar out of the kitchen filled it with sugar and melted coconut oil and poured it right over. Now for the smell you obviously want it to smell good if you're rubbing it all over your body. I love essential oils, my favorite is lavender, so I added a couple of drops to the scrub and mixed it all in and that was it. You have made your own homemade body scrub right from your kitchen. 

There are so many things that you can do that can be part of your self-care routine. Something that I didn’t add to my morning routine is drinking my green smoothies every day. Part of my routine is eating healthy, when you are mindful about what you put into your body you feel good. Now self-care for many of you can be very different from mine. Self-care can be reading a book for a couple of hours. Working out, going out for runs or walks and even bike rides. Anything that helps you get out of your funk and feel better and helps you become a better version of you is a self-care routine. During this time take advantage of the time you have created healthy habits that you can continue to do once this is all over. 


    1. Be Kind to Yourself
    2. Eat Healthy 
    3. Exercise (inside or outside)
    4. Reading
    5. Yoga
    6. Meditation
    7. Journaling
    8. Lighting K Sense Co Candles 
    9. Dancing
    10. Drinking lots of Water!!!!
    11. Turning on a diffuser with some essential oils
    12. Take a nap, get sufficient rest!
    13. Art/Creating
  • Painting
  • Photography/Videography
  • Drawing
  • Adult coloring books! K Sense partnered with 6 Worcester Women to create a 25 page digital coloring book, priced at any donation amount you can afford. All proceeds are going to the #KsenseKaresInitiative contributing funds, PPE, and food to those in need in Worcester, MA.
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