Kommunity Kares Initiative

Kommunity Kares Initiative

Written and edited by our featured blog writer Deyanira Dones. Follow along her journey on Instagram @alwaysbegood.us or on her blog site for even more about her and her adorable family!

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Hey everyone, hope ya’ll are staying safe and practicing social distance and washing your hands!

Now we all have heard about COVID-19 endlessly, that is all the news and our President are talking about. Now Katherine Aguilar the founder of K Sense Co. has taken upon herself to help those in need in our local community. Now were all in need of help, but let’s think about the people who are currently at greater risk than we are. Currently it's the homeless, they don’t have a home and can’t wash their hands on a regular basis. The homeless don’t have the means to be able to go to the store and buy hand sanitizer like many of us have. (And if you have searched for some in store you know everyone is out of it!)

The whole point of Kommunity Kares is that not only should we be thinking about ourselves but about those around us as well. That also includes the people who don’t have a home and are at high risk of contracting it and spreading it due to their living conditions. As well as the families who are suffering financially during this time, or are undocumented and are too afraid to seek assistance in fear of deportation. K Sense Co. decided why not make our own hand sanitizers following the CDC and WHO guidelines. Now, with every hand sanitizer she sells she is creating care packages for the homeless that also include this important product. Remember they don’t have the resources that many of us have and they need these as much as we do.  

The hand sanitizers are coming in glass bottles in two size options (4 oz or 16 oz) that you can recycle and once done can refill with K Sense Co. again and again. What a great way to reduce waste and the use of plastic! K Sense Co. is all about reducing waste and creating a better and brighter sustainable future. Let’s be that brighter future lets help our environment and stop the waste. Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste going on, especially now with the number of gloves and face mask that are needed for the healthcare workers in the front lines of this pandemic. Be mindful of waste, think about where it all ends up. If there is a way that you can reduce it then do it, make your own face mask. Or go on K Sense Co. and buy hand sanitizers that come in sustainable packaging and are reusable and refillable.

Being more environmentally conscious is not a hard thing to do, there are different ways you can educate yourself on this matter. The internet is your friend, baby steps. During this time, it is crucial that you really think about what your putting back into our planet. Take care of Mama Earth because this is our home. There is one gal that I found who is all about sustainable living. She has her own blog it’s called Sustainably-Chic. There is another site that I absolutely love and I myself have bought their products from they're called Public Goods, this company is all about sustainable living and guess what? They are super affordable! Living a more sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t have to be expensive.

During this time, it is important to follow CDC guideline on how to protect and take care of yourself. They are always updating that site and making sure everyone is getting the information they need you can visit them at www.cdc.gov.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Home as much as possible! We can only get through this #Togetherbutapart!

If you would like to find out how you can get involved or would like to make a donation to assist those most impacted by COVID-19, visit out Kommunity Kares collection here

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