Quarantine Activity

Quarantine Activity

Who can honestly say they are done with quarantine?! Let’s all be honest, especially if you’re a parent with children at home. If you are that parent and you're fortunate enough to work from home but also need to home school your kids, then you deserve an award and more. I can’t imagine how hectic that can be, I have a few friends who are on the same boat as you and it has been hard for them. Now with the kids being home seven days a week it must be hard to find activities to do with them when the day doesn’t allow them to be outside. 

Over the weekend we decided to do a fun activity with my daughter Jasline and my husband. Who doesn’t love a cute tie dye shirt? Instead of spending the money buying the tie dye shirt or sweats why not make your own. The kids will love the idea of making their own cool shirts with all sorts of colors on them. Jasline loved the idea of picking her own colors out and adding it to the shirt. If you’re interested, click here on this link for the tie dye kit found at Wal-Mart. The kit comes with gloves and the supplies you will need to make your shirts.


  1. Tie Dye Kit (Walmart)
  2. Plain White T-shirt (cotton) 
  3. Gloves 
  4. Rubber bands 

With the kit the instructions on what needs to be done will all be in there. Very easy and fun activity that your kids will have fun doing. I mean my 8-year-old loved it and best part we all made a shirt, so she wasn’t alone on it.

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