So We Opened Up a Brick-and-Mortar...and Closed After 3 Years

So We Opened Up a Brick-and-Mortar...and Closed After 3 Years

So here's the tea 🫖

I started K Sense Co. as a side-hustle-to try to make some money while I looked for a new full time position. After about 5/6 months of having no luck on the job-hunt and the 2019 holiday season creeping up on me I figured let me just focus on making this a legit business rather than just a hobby or a time-filler. It paid off! I was gaining traction and popularity online and continued to push forward. 
In February of 2020 I signed a 3-year lease for this new commercial development in Worcester's Canal District, our goal was to be an eco-concise gift boutique and Worcester's 1st plastic-free shop ♻️✨
Since I was putting in blood, sweat, tears, and LITERALLY every dollar my 25 year old self could scramble at the time. We had our soft-opening on March 14th 2020! Being told I had to close 3 days after opening was heart-wrenching to say the least. 

Ironically enough I was reading a book at the time that inspired my company's mission and vision called The Big Pivot, and as I write this it has hit me-this journey so far has been just FULL of pivots, and it has made me so much better for it. 

The Struggle has been and will prob always be REAL...

Let's be honest owning and operating and manufacturing as a small business is effing HARD, doing it during a global pandemic has felt impossible at times. I have lost multiple family members to this virus and like many of us experienced and was diagnosed with mental illnesses during the "lock-down" phase. Plus all the added stressors of that weird journey of my "late-twenties" 

*that's a story I will share with you another day*

So your girl had 1 option: KEEP GRINDING.

Since September of 2022 I have been contemplating what to do with my little 96-sq foot shop- extend the lease and keep trying to make it happen in a space I wasn't 100% satisfied with or take some time to reflect and recharge. I thankfully chose the later, I took the entire month of January "off" (I work 24/7 365 IYKYK✨). Took a little trip for inspiration and I am READY for this new chapter of my life, of K Sense's story and what it means for our #Kommunity. 

So what's next & when can I get some more of these bomb-ass candles?

For the next few months we will be an online-based business with short-term pop-ups throughout New England, our first event back is this weekend Saturday Feb 4th in collaboration with the Downtown BID, and the Worcester Regional Food Hub.

& to celebrate and honor LOVE ❤️  we are hosting a special pop-up market @ Redemption Rock Brewery on Monday Feb 13th from 5-9 pm.

We are even hoping to attend some in different regions as well *EMAIL US IF YOU HAVE GOOD MARKET SUGGESTIONS*.

We are also going to be hosting at least one pop-up market and or one candle making workshop per month in Central, Mass. We are hoping to open up another brick-and-mortar location again soon- we just have to find our perfect match 💚♻️✨ 


Would I go back and change anything?

NOPE! As I always say "every difficult thing I overcome is just another chapter for the memoir". I am glad I never gave up on myself, my dream, or our mission/vision as a company.

Plus it wasn't only negative- in the past three years I have met amazing mentors, clients turned friends, leaders and shakers in diverse industries, youth in my city who look for me as a mentor/guide *one of my greatest honors in life*.

I have refined my skills as a professional, I have more confidence in myself than ever before, and I am ready to tackle this "new" phase of my life and business. ✨♻️💖

Again I am so thankful you are here for the journey with us. If you aren't already I highly suggest following us on social media-instagram is where we are the most active. 

#SiSePuede #Kommunity 


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