Aloha Soap Bar Review

Aloha Soap Bar Review

Hey there again! This past weekend I decided to try the Cordoba Farms Aloha Soap. A product which is sold by K Sense, it is an all natural organic soap bar they make for dogs. (Humans can also use it Katherine says she uses it personally)! These doap bars are handcrafted by Gina, owner of Cordoba Farms she is a Milford Native & Becker College Alumna, she created a line of soaps that are free from all the harmful chemicals that are in most bottled dog shampoos. And replaced them with ingredients that are are simple and natural. Now if you’re someone that likes to buy things that are more “simple and natural “and less chemicals” for yourself and your family why not do it for your dog as well!

For me my dog Penelope is everything she is the baby of the household so it’s important that she gets only the best of the best!

Aloha Dog Soap Bar

When Katherine decided to add this to her website, I needed to buy this soap bar. Now there are a few different scents to choose from but I decided to go with this one. Honestly the main reason I choose this scent is because I visited Hawaii a few years ago with my hubby and till this day we still talk about it. So once that I saw the Aloha Soap bar that really caught my attention. Once I bathed my dog with this soap, I loved how soft her hair was afterwards, I absolutely loved everything about it. The texture of the soap bar was nice and smooth and didn’t leave a sticky residue once it dried up. 

The way I see it is if you’re someone that cares about what they put on your skin or what you eat, than your fur babies deserve the same attention. Dogs tend to have more sensitive skin and some shampoos can be harsh for them. These soaps are a great way to keep your fur baby's coat looking beautiful and also a way to stay away from harsh chemicals that are in most dog shampoos. 

If you go to K Sense website link right here there are different soap scents that she offers. The Aloha one is just one of the bars that I decided to go with. Interested? Visit her site and make sure you only get the best for your little one at home.

After picture!

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